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No matter how unique your tooling needs, Wilson Tool can design and manufacture press brake tooling to your specifications. If you have a challenging bending and forming application, our industry-leading experts will work with you to create the ideal tooling solution.
Your special tool will be thoroughly inspected and a sample produced during this testing process will be included with each special tool that is shipped.
You need better solutions, faster. That’s why Wilson Tool is committed to responding to your special tooling requests with a quote in 24 hours. And with the fastest lead times in the industry, your special tooling will arrive when you need it.
American Precision
Wilson American Precision style tooling incorporates a one-of-a-kind design that’s faster and more versatile than any other American style press brake tooling available today.

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European Precision
Longer tool life, less scrap and quick set-ups make Wilson Tool European Style Press Brake Tooling a great choice for fabricators worldwide.

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WT Style Precision
With WT Style Precision™ press brake tooling, Wilson Tool has developed extremely durable tooling that significantly improves your press brake productivity with faster tool changes.

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Exacta Conventional
Wilson Tool’s Exacta brand of Conventional Press Brake Tooling includes high quality Special Forming tools in one-piece lengths of up to 20 feet or the same tool in sections of any desirable length.

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Curl Tool
Creating a Hinge in Press Brake

Fortunately, creating hinges is not limited to just punch presses. When you find yourself needing to make a hinge and you either don't have a punch press or you do but your form is too large, a curl tool is a great solution.