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Driving the industry with tooling service, quality and innovation to support Bending, Punching, Stamping and Tableting customers around the globe.

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Wilson Tool provides a wide range of standard tool solutions for many industries. We are best known for our over 50 years of customized tooling solutions designed to help customers resolve their most challenging fabrication issues. Contact Us to learn how we can support your needs. 

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Wilson Tool provides free training events that range from webinars to live events. We encourage all our customers to sign-up for a webinar or to attend one of our highly rated in-person training seminars.

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EXP® Easy Punch Change Technology

Wilson Tool EXP® punch technology is the first tooling in the industry to offer a standard holder with universal punches. EXP® also works with existing punches. EXP® is now available for Salvagnini® punch presses.

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