Staged Tooling

Bend More. Set Up Less.

Applications requiring multiple tools can cost you time as a result of multiple setups, repeated material handling and shimming.

If tooling is “staged,” bending can be done all in one setup and handling, with no shims or risers required.

See How Staged Tooling Decreases Setup Time

Two of our customers saw increases in productivity and a 25 - 50% decrease in setup time by incorporating Wilson Tool staged tooling.

What is Staged Tooling?

Tooling that is staged shuts at the same height, so multiple sets of tools can be set up at the same time. If all the tooling isn't the same height, the staging won't work.

Unstaged Tooling

Tooling without a common shut height cannot be run in one setup because the punches and dies will collide.

Unstaged tooling

Staged Tooling

Staged tooling is designed to shut at the same height, so all bending can be done in one progressive setup.

Staged tooling diagram

Not All "Staged" Tooling is Alike

While some vendors might claim to offer staged tooling, unless they can provide an out-of-the box solution that allows gooseneck, thirty-degree, offset, flattening and other tools to be set up side-by-side, they’re not truly saving you as much time as they could. Wilson Tool ships American and European tooling that’s staged out-of-the-box. That means whatever combination of tools you need to run a part, they can all be setup and run at once.

We do the staging for you.

Wilson Tool European Style and American Precision® tooling comes standard pre-staged. Other styles are staged by request.

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