Press brake tooling solutions to meet your toughest bending challenges

With a full selection of European Precision, American Precision, WT Style Precision™, LVD styleExacta Conventional style press brake tooling and clamping technology, we manufacture state-of-the-art precision ground tooling and groundbreaking clamping systems to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Press Brake Tool Styles

Press Brake Special Tooling

Custom designed to your specifications

No matter how unique your tooling needs, Wilson Tool can design and manufacture press brake tooling to your specifications. If you have a challenging bending and forming application, our industry-leading experts will work with you to create the ideal tooling solution.

Your special tool will be thoroughly inspected and a sample produced during this testing process will be included with each special tool that is shipped.

You need better solutions, faster. That’s why Wilson Tool is committed to responding to your special tooling requests with a quote in 24 hours. And with the fastest lead times in the industry, your special tooling will arrive when you need it.

V-Series Black Dies

Decrease friction and improve performance on tough-to-bend applications

Simplify Bending

V-Series Black dies make it easier to produce small flanges, control the inside radius with the punch tip, and bends closer to holes. They also enable you to bend a wide range of materials using the same die, which reduces setup time and limits the amount of tooling required.

Reduce Friction

V-Series Black dies include built-in inserts that rotate so sheet material glides across the die surface rather than scraping against the shoulder radius. This greatly reduces friction and concentrated load, which drastically diminishes material marking.

Staged Bending for European Style Tooling

Bend more and set up less

With staged bending, fabricators save valuable time by performing multiple bends with a single setup. Staged bending simplifies complex shortrun jobs by eliminating unproductive repetitive tasks – significantly reducing setup time, part handling and work-in-progress.

Maximize your press brake productivity

Typically, completing multiple bends in a single press brake setup would require a skilled press brake operator to use special risers and shims to achieve a common shut height across all punches and dies. With the new staged bending tools for European Style press brakes, Wilson Tool provides an easier way to achieve common shut heights.

Our staged bending tools have common shut heights built in, allowing machine operators to carry out a series of bends in one setup without the complicated preparation process.

Clamping Solutions

Reduce setup time with the clamping system that's right for you

Express Rail® Hydraulic Clamping

Express Rail<sup>®</sup> Clamping System

Simply load your tooling, then press the button on the wireless pendant control to clamp and seat your tooling in seconds.

PowerExpress® Hydraulic Clamping

PowerExpressl<sup>®</sup> Hydraulic Clamping System

Ideal for virtually any American style tooling, this clamping system offers lightning fast changeouts, easy installation, long-term reliability and increased bending capacity.

Express Rail® 2000

Express Rail<sup>®</sup> 2000 Hydraulic Clamping System

A lower-cost hydraulic clamping option for your press brake offers exceptional value and reliability for the budget-conscious operation.

Express Manual Clamps

Express Clamps

Simply place long punches or individual pieces of sectionalized punches under the clamps and push them upward for easy, faster manual clamping.

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