Press brake tooling solutions to meet your toughest bending challenges

With a full selection of European Precision, American Precision, WT Style Precision™, LVD and AFH styleExacta Conventional style press brake tooling and clamping technology, we manufacture state-of-the-art precision ground tooling and groundbreaking clamping systems to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Complex Bend? Do It All In One Step.

When a complex bend requires multiple tools, common shut height or “staged” tooling allows you to complete the whole application with just one setup.

We provide press brake tooling that comes pre-staged, which means you don’t need to use shims or risers to get the tooling to a common shut height – we’ve done that for you. Just put the tooling in your machine and go.

Bend it all in one setup.

When You Need It Now

Now there’s an AFH tooling supplier with shorter lead times and competitive pricing ready to deliver the performance tooling you need, fast.

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Is This Your Crowning Solution?

We’ve all been there. But now there’s a faster and more effective way to control deflection. The NEW Express Crowning System has both macro and micro adjustments for fine-tuning that’s precise and repeatable. Powered electrically or with a hand crank, it manages deflection in seconds, giving you plenty of time to take out the trash.

The Express Crowning System doubles as a die holder with adjustment every inch for secure manual tightening or fast hydraulic power.

Breathe New Life Into Your Operation


The NEW Express Air clamping system offers quick, clean and easy setups at the push of a button. This clamping system’s sectionalized structure lets you add and remove individual punches as you need them without unscrewing the whole length of the brake. Short sections also make box bending easier by leaving room for gaps between clamps.

Press Brake Special Tooling

Custom designed to your specifications

No matter how unique your tooling needs, Wilson Tool can design and manufacture press brake tooling to your specifications. If you have a challenging bending and forming application, our industry-leading experts will work with you to create the ideal tooling solution.

Your special tool will be thoroughly inspected and a sample produced during this testing process will be included with each special tool that is shipped.

You need better solutions, faster. That’s why Wilson Tool is committed to responding to your special tooling requests with a quote in 24 hours. And with the fastest lead times in the industry, your special tooling will arrive when you need it.

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