Punch press tooling that outperforms

The Wilson Tool punching division drives the industry with new levels of tool quality, service, delivery and innovation for the punch press.

Whether you need standard or special shapes; thick or thin turret tooling; Wiedemann®, Salvagnini® or Trumpf®, we’ve got a solution to improve your performance.

Punching Specials

Punch press tooling to meet the needs of your most demanding application

Superb Design

Our engineers and toolmakers combine unmatched experience with specialized manufacturing systems to produce products that meet the challenges of your most demanding applications. Special tools are thoroughly inspected and a sample is produced during the testing process for all forming tools.

Remarkably Fast

You need better solutions, faster. That’s why Wilson Tool approaches every special tooling request with a “never say no” attitude, and a turnaround time on quote requests that consistently tops the competition. With the fastest lead times in the industry, your special tooling will arrive when you need it. 

EXP® Easy Change Punch Technology

The first tooling to offer a standard holder with universal punch tips

Listen to what EXP® users have to say:

"We like the interchangeability of the EXP® punch technology. We like that we don't have to buy a whole tool set and can just buy the tips. It's affordable, too. We don't even grind our tools. It's just easier to buy new ones. That really says how affordable EXP® is for us.

The EXP® punch technology definitely decreased our downtime between changeovers, and that has increased our productivity. The ease of operation is a big plus, too. EXP® is quick and easy."

~ Matt Griffith, Royal Switchgear Mfg. Co. Bessemer, Alabama

Punching Tool Styles

Punches and dies for all major punch press tooling lines 

Punch Coatings & Treatments

Increase performance to levels far beyond untreated tool steels



Optima® coating outlasts untreated tools by as much as seven times. It yields more hits between sharpenings, reduces galling in stainless and galvanized steels, and is unaffected by sharpening. With a surface hardness of 95 Rockwell C, it exceeds the hardness levels achieved with untreated steels.



Wilson Tool's Wearbeater is a titanium nitride (TiN) coating that helps reduce galling and extends punch life in certain applications.


Slip-Max<sup>®</sup> Coating

Available only from Wilson Tool, Slip-Max® greatly increases punch life and reduces galling when piercing aluminum. Slip-Max is also very effective in resolving challenging stripping problems when punching or forming stainless steel and aluminum.


Nitrex<sup>®</sup> Surface Treatment

Nitrex® high endurance surface enhancement increases punch press tooling life by several times that of ordinary tooling. Our patented process provides a surface hardness of HRC-70, increasing long-term durability. Nitrex® is also reduces punch wear and galling when piercing galvanized materials.

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