High quality tooling from Impax Tooling Solutions®

The Impax Tooling Solutions® division of Wilson Tool manufactures a full selection of high quality punch and die components, including standard shapes, round forms, special 2D shapes and the widest selection of special shapes available anywhere. As evidence of our committment to quality, we are ISO 9001 certified.

We also support your nitrogen and die spring requirements as well as other critical die components.



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You’ve got no time to lose. When you need a new retainer why stop production to reorder? HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts give you the retention method so you can make the retainer you need, in-house.

HP Accu-Lock® helps you do more, faster and easier. There’s little downtime, no need for complicated tools or specialized knowledge to make it work for you.

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Special Treatment for Special Shapes Promotes Longer Tool Life


The unusual contours of nontraditional punch designs can lead to uneven stripping pressures and tool weakness if not machined correctly. Impax Tooling Solutions® specializes in made-to-order tooling that treats the failure points of each application directly. Our special 2D shapes come standard with linear grinding, a machining method that greatly reduces resistance and increases tool life.


Special Tooling

Impax offers a wide range of special tooling to a variety of industries

Varied Processes

Our Impax Special tooling can be custom designed for the following manufacturing processes: Tube Expansion • Cold Forging/Heading • Fastener Heading • Broaching • Extruding • Drawing • Fine Blanking • Plastic Injection Molding • Bending • Stamping

Many Industries Served

As the premier tooling supplier for the metal stamping industry we provide standard and custom design tooling for many industries including: electronics, food & beverage, medical, automotive, window & door, ammunitions, HVAC, general manufacturing, motor vehicles, and more.

Tool Steel Options

Choosing the right tool steel for your application can make a measurable impact on your performance

Performance Enhancing Punch Coatings

Punch coatings enhance tool life and performance to levels far beyond that of untreated tool steels


Optima<sup>®</sup> Coating

Our most popular coating for piercing, blanking, and trimming, with a micro hardness of 3500, Optima® far exceeds the hardness levels that can be achieved with conventional steels and will outlast untreated tools up to 5-7 times. 


Optimax<sup>®</sup> Coating

Optimax® is a multi layer coating, with a base of Optima and a second layer of molybdenum disulfide. It works well in materials prone to galling, and in applications where part lubrication has been reduced or eliminated.



This coating excels in piercing and forming of non-ferrous materials, including aluminum, copper and brass. It has a hardness of 3500 HV, a coefficient of friction of 0.55, and equals improved wear resistance and added toughness.



Forte® is a proprietary multi-layer nano coating that is a great alternative to a CVD coating. It's a good choice for high-pressure applications and punching and forming for high and low alloy steel in all thicknesses.

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