Tablet compression manufacturers are looking for tablet tooling that makes more product at a lower cost.

Wilson Tool's punches and dies for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, confectionery and related industries provide the best value tooling per application.

We know uptime is important to our customers so we've enhanced our tooling design to ensure no sharp corners. The rounded corner design of our fixed parallel key works to reduce the risk of machine damage sometimes associated with square edged keys.

With intelligent design, patented tool steels and in-house coatings, Wilson Tool helps tablet manufacturers get the most machine up-time for the lowest cost.

It’s Nice to Meet You

You're probably wondering who we are and what we know about tableting. Well, here's some background on us and our 50-year history in tool and die. Take a look and then reach out to learn more.

Tooling Expertise

Our design team works with manufacturers to design the ideal tool for each compression application, utilizing standard and premium steels, performance-enhancing coatings and accessories to optimize productivity.

PM-M4 Tool Steel

The right tool steel for high performance manufacturing



Works for your toughest applications

PM-M4 is a low-sulfur, high-carbon tool steel made using the latest generation of powder processing technology. This makes for an extremely tough steel that will far outperform standard tool steels in high-compression applications. 

A smart choice for the compression industry

Its toughness and superior wear resistance will save you the cost of premature tooling replacement due to the early wear, breakage and damage that might occur in standard-steel tooling when undergoing particularly high levels of compressive stress.

It's is hard to beat in wear resistance and toughness

As compared to a standard steel like S7, PM-M4 has over 1.5 times the compressive strength and 5-7 times the wear resistance. PM-M4 also outperforms other standard steels such as A2, D2 and M2.

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