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With tooling and clamping solutions geared toward decreasing press brake setup times, speeding part flow and optimizing part quality, press brake tooling from Wilson Tool International combines state-of-the-art manufacturing with groundbreaking innovation. 

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American Precision

Faster loading, one-of-a-kind design, and more versatile than other options.

European Precision

Longer tool life, less scrap, and quick set-ups equal a great choice for fabricators worldwide.

American Planed

Affordable standard forming tools in one-piece lengths or sections of any length. 

All Bending Solutions

A comprehensive selection of press brake tooling styles and clamping technology.

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Nov 5 - Nov 8, 2019
Visit Wilson Tool International at Blechexpo in Stuttgart, German...


Nov 11 - Nov 14, 2019
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Express Crowning

Deflection Control for Good

Why waste up to $30,000 per year in lost time messing with cardboard shims, when you can use that time to be productive? The Express Crowning™ System is the efficient way to manage deflection on your press brake with precise and accurate adjustment that lasts.

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You Can Do That with One Tool

Watch how this unique punch and die set creates a gapped hem in two hits. The first hit creates the bend and the second finishes the gapped hem. Watch it now!

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Your shop has needs that are like no other. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a full selection of tooling and accessories that fit your unique requirements? Luckily, Wilson Tool International manufactures tooling for a complete range of tool styles and their accompaniments.

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