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Wilson Wheel® Rolling Deburr

The Rolling Deburr accurately and efficiently de-burrs sharp edges on parts. It works by coining a small chamfer on the cut edge of the part, flexibly moving in straight lines or arcs — even acute angles and very small radii.
Using your punch press to de-burr parts eliminates the need for a separate de-burring step in your process, which increases productivity and reduces production time.
The Wilson Wheel® family of products offers you flexible, high speed production of embosses, slits, ribs and offsets on a wide range of materials with virtually no burrs or nibble marks. Wilson Wheel tools are a revolutionary innovation in the world of punch press tooling. Rather than punching the sheet in a vertical motion, Wilson Wheel tools horizontally roll along the sheet, dramatically speeding production and creating forms never thought possible in the punch press.
Because of the horizontal movement of the tools, nibble marks, burrs and the usual troublesome byproducts of punching sheet metal are virtually eliminated.
Explore the full Wilson Wheel family of products to expand your horizons on the full capabilities of your machine. Wilson Wheel tools are available for thick turret, thin turret, Murata Wiedemann and TRUMPF-style machines.
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