Xtreme Storage Cabinet

The Right Tools, Right Where You Need Them

Safe and efficient tool access is key to increasing performance. These cabinets are designed to do just that. Any tool style can be loaded into these cabinets including Wila®, TRUMPF® and European style tooling.

Ergonomic Design Ensures Operator Safety

The vertical configuration of the cabinet drawers means operators no longer need to lean into drawers to access tooling. Drawers are easily accessible from either side and tools can be loaded and unloaded without bending at the waist. This layout supports operator safety and comfort.

High-Capacity Drawers Open Easily

Choose a cabinet with three or five vertical drawers that open smoothly with the help of rolling casters. The drawers each contain three 180mm wide shelves that hold up to 120kg each. This provides ample capacity for most tooling.

Flexible Storage Capacity for Efficient Setups

Adjustments can be made two different ways to accommodate various tooling:

  • Trays can be adjusted vertically to maximise space for the height of tooling
  • Tray inserts can be adjusted (as shown below) to adapt to your style of tooling, and to create a center channel from 0–59mm wide

Secure Storage Maintains Tool Condition

Drawer trays hold punches securely in tip-up position, which prevents tools from moving and colliding. Secure tool protection helps them maintain accuracy and ideal life. Tooling stored in an enclosed area helps keep airborne dust and grime from gathering.

Tidy Layout Fosters Lean Tool Organisation

Well-stored tools are easy to organise, locate and identify for efficient setup and a speedy return to their designated location. Quick setups are key to maximised productivity.

Smart Drawer Details Add Functionality

Each drawer contains a shallow top tray with adjustable dividers for storing helpful items like measurement devices and hand tools. Drawers contain a label window for easy identification of contents and a keyed lock for security.

Narrow Cabinet Size Makes for Convenient Placement

The footprint of the cabinet is relatively small, allowing for easy placement of many tools close to the machine, resulting in minimal operator movement during setup.

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1p pbstorage uk
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