Rotary Dies (Trumpf Style Press Brake)

Rotary dies are a great special tooling solution with numerous bending operation benefits. Because tonnage disperses with the movement of the rotating cam, the application requires less tonnage and makes bending sheet significantly easier for operators to handle. In some cases, using a rotary tool can cut labour costs in half, when more than one operator has traditionally been required, and improves safety. For cosmetic applications, rotary bending greatly decreases tonnage and part marking so sheets may require less protection and have improved finished appearance. 

Rotary die features:

  • Improved safety for larger parts due to controlled material whip
  • Material marking is reduced since tonnage is reduced on the shoulder of the die and  abrasion is lessened
  • Reduced tonnage on an application by 50% or more
  • Potential reduction in labor needs
  • Wilson Tool’s press brake specialty team, with 35 years experience, ensures the tooling works upon receipt
  • Creative and imaginative designs encourage greatest process efficiency 
  • Tooling Technicians will gather all needed information up front to make an educated decision regarding the application 
  • Available in every tool style

About Wilson Tool Trumpf® Style press brake tooling:

With Trumpf® style precision press brake tooling, Wilson Tool has developed extremely durable tooling that significantly improves your press brake productivity with faster tool changes and a wide selection of stock tooling and specials.
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Rotary Rendering 700x700
Rotary Rendering 700x700
Rotary Bending Video
Rotary Dies Flyer

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