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Tool Steel Options to Increase Uptime

Save time and reduce downtime with the proper tool steel for your...

One Stop Shop Bending Video
One Stop Shop Bending Video

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Rooftop Shear Grinding Video Preview
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This short video shows how to grind a Rooftop Shear on a punch us...


A simple way to gain uptime, on your time

HP Acculock® couldn’t be simpler. You can make and modify retainers with a simple straight-line machining process.

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Tablet being visually inspected

Path to Precision

Few manufacturing jobs share the delicate nature and force requirements of a tableting run. Precision tooling is required to ensure a high-quality end product. Wilson Tool International offers industry leading tableting tooling with expert support to back it up.

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WT-Style Large Shoulder Radius Dies

Expanded WT-Style Die Offering

Wilson Tool International now offers 100mm tall WT-Style Dies with large shoulder radii. Available in solid and sectionalized sets that can be mixed and matched for consistent bending quality throughout multiple jobs.

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Wilson Tool QuickTap Tools

Tapping Holes Couldn’t Be Faster

The world’s top tapping tool, QuickTap™ is now available for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac machines – giving you the fastest and most reliable method for tapping holes.

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Adjustable Back Gauge on Press Brake

Additively Manufactured Adjustable Gauges

Adjustable gauges can be indispensable tools for assuring precise performance in bending operations. That consistency comes at a premium: high cost and long lead times. Now, even complex adjustable gauges can be additively manufactured at a fraction of the cost, with a lead window measured in days, not weeks. Make accurate, repeatable bends with Bend3D® composite-manufactured adjustable gauges. More complex tools that cost less, in a fraction of the time.

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