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The Additive Update October 2020
The Additive Update October 2020

Additive Solutions for Manufacturing NeedsMulti-Part BendingLow R...

The Additive Update April 2020
The Additive Update April 2020

Bend3D™ – Additive Opportunities for Low-Tonnage Bend...

The Additive Update January 2020 Preview
The Additive Update January 2020

Comparing Common 3D Printing Practices: Fused Deposition Mod...

The Additive Update August 2019
The Additive Update August 2019

Bend3D™ – Achieve Accurate and Repeatable Bends ...

The Additive Update June 2019
The Additive Update June 2019

Eliminate Marking on Tough ApplicationsGet a Grip with New Textur...

The Additive Update April 2019
The Additive Update April 2019

Welcome to the FutureBend3D™ – Rod Bend ToolSolv3D&tr...

The Additive Update February 2019
The Additive Update February 2019

The First Edition of The Additive Update from Wilson Tool In...

Additive Spare Parts Webinar
Taming the Spare Part Nightmare with 3D Printing

Stop overstocking old, infrequently used parts. Don't disrupt...

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Additive Featured Solutions Video Preview
Featured Additive Solutions for Manufacturing Appl...

At Wilson Tool International, we consistently strive to optimize ...

Solv3D® Urethane-injection mold thumbnail
Solv3D® Urethane-injection mold

See how a 3D printed mold can expedite your prototyping process. ...

Bend3D Adjustable Gauges
Bend3D® Adjustable Gauges

Adjustable gauges can be indispensable tools for assuring precise...

Stiffening Rib Application Video
Bend3D® Stiffening Rib Application

This stiffening rib tool uses additively manufactured rigid polyu...

Wilson Tool Additive Preview at FABTECH
Wilson Tool Additive® at FABTECH® from The Additiv...

See additive manufacturing highlights from Wilson Tool’s bo...

Rod Bending in Press Brake
Bend3D® Rod Bend Application

This rod bending application uses an additively manufactured pres...

Solv3D® Tapping Oil Tank
Solv3D® Tapping Oil Tank

Wilson Tool uses additive manufacturing to reduce production cost...

Wilson Tool Additive Video
Introducing Wilson Tool Additive®

Welcome to the future. Wilson Tool Additive® provides 3D prin...

Brake Out of the Ordinary: Bend3D®
Brake Out of the Ordinary: Bend3D®

Bend3D® additively manufactured press brake tools work w...

3D Printed Rod Bending

Yes, you can rod bend with 3D printed solutions from Wilson Tool Additive. Additively manufactured press brake tooling solutions are strong enough to bend steel rod, soft enough not to mark the part and faster to manufacture than traditional tools. Explore the short lead times and high versatility of 3D printed tooling solutions for the press brake.

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3D Printed Tool Bending Metal


Did you know a plastic tool could do that? Check out the bend quality of these 3D printed tools. What’s more, the tool can be designed to your exact specifications and ready to ship in days, not weeks.


Wilson Tool Additive Press Brake Tooling in Machine

See The Possibilities

This article in the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association's new publication, The Additive Report, features the industry changing approach that Wilson Tool is taking to additively manufacture press brake tools and end-user parts.

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Catalog Preview

Parts You Want When You Want Them

Common questions are: What types of tools can I have additively manufactured? How strong are additively manufactured tools? Can I really stop buying molds and replace my tool room’s jigs with 3D parts? See answers to these questions and more by downloading this brochure.

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