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Two ATC Tooling Options

Automatic Tooling Changing

Wilson Tool now manufactures Automatic Tool Change (ATC) tooling for Amada and MC Machinery press brakes. With this recent addition to our bending portfolio, you have another option for high quality, budget friendly ATC tooling with quick lead times.

See ATC Tooling

Express Crowning

Throw Out the Shims

Choose a more precise crowning solution for your press brake. Why waste up to $30,000 jerry-rigging a deflection control solution, when the Express Crowning® system solves the problem once and for all. Say goodbye to shims and hello to accurate crowning.

See Express Crowning® Now

Brake Partner® in the Press Brake


Brake Partner® from Wilson Tool International allows you to use your press brake and punch tooling together to remove the limitations of the punch press. Expand your manufacturing capabilities by creating higher forms and utilizing the tonnage of your press brake with your punch tooling.

Expand Your Forming Capabilities

Man bending thick steel in a press brake

Bending Thick Material

Thick materials, found in ironworking, shipyards and construction projects of all sorts, require a distinct approach when being manipulated – this isn’t sheet metal. Wilson Tool International is your trusted tooling partner, regardless of what you’re working on or working with. Cutting, punching, notching or bending thick material? We’ve got you covered.

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Xtreme Lift Product Image with dark background

Optimize Safety and Efficiency with the Xtreme Lift

The Xtreme Lift from Wilson Tool International has your back. Featuring easy-glide rollers, hand-pump hydraulics, and locking castors, the Xtreme Lift is one of the safest and least strenuous options to help operators transport and load tools into a press brake.

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