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HP2 Punch & Guide Assembly Flyer Thumbnail
HP2 Punch & Guide Assembly Flyer

HP2 Thick Turret Punch and Guide Assemblies from Wilson Tool Inte...

FAB Style Tooling Reference Flyer Thumbnail
FAB Style Tooling Reference Flyer

From our affordable Basix line to our groundbreaking HPX® Ass...

HPX® Technology Flyer Thumbnail
HPX® Technology

Best-In-Class Thick Turret Tooling: HPX® punch and guide...

Eliminating Secondary Operations Flyer
Eliminating Secondary Operations

Reduce time and eliminate waste. Wilson Tool has a wide range of ...

Punching Product Line Card
Punching Product Line Card

Wilson Tool’s Punching division drives the industry with ne...

Small Station Thick Turret Punches Flyer
Small Station Thick Turret Punches

Wilson Tool International supplies punches not just for Wilson To...

Unitized Tooling Catalog
Unitized Tooling Catalog

With complete interchangeability and for use in industry standard...

Trumpf-Style Tooling Solutions Catalog
Trumpf-Style Tooling Solutions Catalog

From the 2-4-1 Tooling System to our Multi-Tools, Wilson Too...

Pen Tool Flyer Preview
The Pen Tool Flyer

It's often necessary during the production process to mark sh...

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Importance of a Positive Stop Thumbnail
Importance of a Positive Stop on a Forming Tool in...

A positive stop on a forming tool helps create a consistent form ...

Station Placement Thumbnail
Importance of Station Placement for Forming Tools ...

This short video discusses why it’s important to consider w...

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HPX Punch & Guide Assemblies from Wilson Tool Inte...

Best-In-Class Thick Turret Tooling: HPX® punch and guide asse...

Video Preview Thumbnail
Push Button Guide Release on HPX® Guide Assembly

With the push of a button guide is released to reduce the effort ...

Video Preview Thumbnail
Fast Tool Adjustments with HPX® Punch and Guide As...

With the turn of a dial  EXP® punch tips are easily leng...

Whisper Shear Grinding Video Preview
How to Grind a Whisper Shear on a Punch using Wils...

This short video shows how to grind a Whisper shear on a punch us...

Witness mark video preview
What is a Witness Mark?

This short video explains what a witness mark is and why it is so...

Eliminating Secondary Operations Video
Eliminating Secondary Operations

Want to reduce time and eliminate waste? Wilson Tool has develope...

Extrusion video preview
Extrusion Height – It's all about the Pre-punch

This short video explains the importance of an extrusion’s ...



You know that great strides in production only come when you push hard against good – and break through to better. When you choose to re-tool your TRUMPF punch press, choose the company that never stops raising the bar on punch press tooling. See our full selection of TRUMPF-style tooling options.

Do It Better



Why replace the whole tool when only part of it is worn down? Replaceable insert tooling like the 2-4-1 system lets you refresh the disposable parts while keeping the rest of the tool for good. Now that’s innovation.

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In Machine Tapping Video

Create Threaded Holes in Your Machine in Minutes

Secondary tapping operations are inefficient. Upgrade to an in-machine tapping tool and increase speed and accuracy. Explore tools for Thick Turret, Euromac, Strippit PX and TRUMPF-style machines.

See the tool at work

Connective Forms Shelving Unit

Reduce Secondary Fastening Operations

Speed your manufacturing process, eliminate steps and lower your costs by using standard punching tools and innovative techniques to connect sheet metal forms. We’ll show you how.

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XSharp Grinder


Tool sharpening will always be part of the job. The XSharp™ grinder’s fully automated grinding process turns regrinding into 5 easy steps: load the tool, select the style, size, amount to grind, and then hit start. Get professional quality, precision results with next to no operator involvement.

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