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Additively manufactured support parts can replace end-use parts that have traditionally been manufactured out of steel or plastic. They can replace items in a shop that often require an expensive mold to be created. They can even replace jigs or fixtures that hold things together. What’s more, they can be used as a prototype.

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Discover the power of 3D

Explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing, from the Bend3D® line of press brake tooling to the Solv3D® line of creative support parts. See how you can have made-to-order tooling and widgets in hours — not days — saving you time and money.

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Additive Applications for Solv3D®

Solv3D® Tapping Oil Tank
Additive manufacturing reduces production cost, lead time and increases design flexibility of its tapping tool tanks. Originally manufactured from cold rolled steel and requiring up to 45 minutes of direct labor 3D printing easily adds design complexity without adding cost. Want to learn more about how the tank evolved?

Solv3D® Urethane-Injection Mold
For lower-run jobs, or applications that require an extended trial and error phase, additively manufactured tools are quickly becoming to the go-to option for fabricators. With additive manufacturing, you avoid the time and material cost involved with conventional tool steel, while getting to a viable part faster than ever.

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Additive Highlight in The Fabricator

Read this editor’s first-hand reaction to the Wilson Tool Additive® launch at FABTECH® 2018. Click through for her recap of our booth and Day One of the big event.

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