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Forming Thick Material

Thick materials, found in ironworking, shipyards and construction projects of all sorts, require a distinct approach when being manipulated – this isn’t sheet metal.

We cut our teeth on the sheet. We scaled up with you. Wilson Tool International is your trusted tooling partner, regardless of what you’re working on or working with. Cutting, punching, notching or bending thick material? We’ve got you covered. Wilson Tool stocks standard tooling, with specials available. As always, we can provide a custom solution, giving you a clear path to uptime.

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Adjust Your Way to Savings

Stop wasting time and taking on the strain that comes with changing tools. The Wilson Tool Adjustable V dies are a great option when bending thick materials when you need the flexibility to adjust the v-opening. The adjustable V die replaces the need for multiple dies and frequent tool changes.

How Much Will You Save?

Making a new purchase, or switching from one solution to another, often needs to be justified with hard data. Make that easier on yourself with this cost/benefit calculator. Use this tool to evaluate the cost/benefit of incorporating an adjustable die into your organization.

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Through Thick and… Thick

From Wilson Tool International, adjustable dies are a great option when bending thick materials and you need the flexibility to adjust the V-opening. The adjustable die replaces the need for multiple dies and frequent tool changes. Without moving large dies in and out of a press brake, simply adjust the V-opening to your desired size and you’re back to bending.

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End the Waste and Replace Cycle

Shipyards, ironworkers, the transportation industry – all heavy hitters requiring big bends and powerful punches. Thick gauge material is hardly a walk in the park, with tooling left to the mercy of heavy, abrasive materials that often haven’t been de-burred. Applications like this see the radius of a tool wear at a much faster rate than the punch body, causing unnecessary waste. 

Wilson Tool International offers replaceable radius punches, allowing you to only replace the worn part of the tool with a simple replacement that doesn’t require wrenches. We also offer induction-hardening treatments for our punch tips and die shoulders, offering a bolstered-shield for your tooling.

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Strategies for Thick Plate Efficiency

Thick plate has inherent problems: it’s heavy, bulky and all-around labor intensive. There are a few measures operators can take when trying to improve thick plate throughput. This article discusses the benefits of forming on a press brake, adjustable v-dies, employing extraction systems and much more.

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man bending a large piece of thick material in a press brake

Bending Considerations for Bending Thick Material

Thick material bending requires specific considerations: application specific tonnage calculations, precise adjustments to the punch or insert size, the right steel-bolstering coating for the job… all result in a streamlining effect in the shop. This article gets specific on what to consider when bending thick materials.

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