Brake Partner® Tooling in a Press Brake with Metal Samples

Breathe New Life Into Your Press Brake

Brake Partner® from Wilson Tool International allows you to use your press brake and punch tooling together to remove the limitations of the punch press. Expand your manufacturing capabilities by creating higher forms and utilizing the tonnage of your press brake with your punch tooling.

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Create Higher Forms with Your Punch Tooling

Brake Partner expands the capacity of your current assets, allowing you to make forms not possible in a punch press. This innovative solution can help lower costs and reduce lead times, thanks to the streamlining of equipment and the machine flexibility it offers to fabricators.

Watch How to Set Up and Run the Brake Partner

While it’s becoming less common to have a lot of punch presses in shops these days, there are certain forms that they do best. Brake Partner allows fabricators to use their current punch press tooling in the press brake to create those forms.

Make Punch Press Forms in the Press Brake

For fabricators who have migrated away from punch press machines to laser cutting machines, or for those whose punch machines are running at full capacity, Brake Partner® allows you to create forms that are traditionally done on a punch machine in your press brake.

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Available in Many Different Tooling Styles

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Brake Partner for thick turret and trumpf style tooling in press brake

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Expand Your Forming Capacity

In this article, Joe Broadbent goes into detail on how Brake Partner® expands manufacturers forming capacities. Brake Partner is a simple, affordable and effective system that can expand the capabilities of your press brakes, help streamline operations and eliminate the need for outsourcing or purchasing new equipment.

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Increase Flexibility

Steve Brown goes into detail on how Brake Partner® provides a means for manufacturers to remain flexible in an ever-changing production environment, with increased forming capabilities, cost savings and productivity gains.

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