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A World of Options

Wilson Tool International is proud to offer and manufacture the most comprehensive line of press brake tooling in the world. If you use multiple press brake tooling styles, this is great news for you! With a wider range of tooling styles than any other manufacturer, along with clamping and accessory options to speed your production, you can rest assured that Wilson Tool has your press brake needs covered.

Easily Get What You Need

Your shop has needs that are like no other. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a full selection of tooling and accessories that fits your unique requirements? Luckily, Wilson Tool International manufactures tooling for a complete range of tool styles and their accompaniments.

You Can Find It Here

If your shop is like most others, you need a variety of tool styles, holders and accessories for your press brake. As you can see from this chart, Wilson Tool wants to make sure you can find what you’re looking for.

All Your Retooling Done In No Time


Looking for a quick comparison chart for the wide variety of press brake tooling offered by WIlson Tool? This chart outlines the features available for WT-style precision, to European Fixed Height, to American Conventional and everything in-between.

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An Overview of Solutions for Bending

With eight standard tool styles, state of the art custom tooling, a clamping solution for virtually any brake and a wide-array of bending accessories – we want to make shopping for your bending needs easy. View this flyer for more information on the breadth of Bending Division’s offering. It’s easy to download and print as needed.

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A World of Clamping Solutions

Adding a clamping system to your press brake is like adding new life to your machine. It’s also a way to dramatically reduce setup and changeover time. With solutions ranging from lightning speed push-button clamps, to a deflection controlling crowning system to quick lever-activated clamps or economical manual clamps, you have several options to pick from when you’re ready to get a clamping solution to renew every style press brake.

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Press Brake accessories

From Storage to Anti-Marking Solutions

A full range of accessories are available to accompany your press brake tooling. Ergonomic storage solutions help you maintain tooling in excellent condition and organize it efficiently. Mark-free solutions make it easier to bend without causing part damage. See the full complement of bending extras.

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Custom Tooling limited only by your imagination

Press brake tooling technicians are available to work with you to design the tools you need for your application. From standard tooling profiles to less common configurations, to an innovation that’s yet to be imagined, their priority is to partner with you to manufacture your ideal solution.

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