Electrical Box with Knockouts

Electrical Knockouts

Electrical knockouts (EKO) are often overlooked, yet part of our everyday life. They’re tucked away – the unsung heroes of the electrical arena. Thanks in part to EKOs, our world can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch.

Sheet metal electrical boxes serve as a hub or protective barrier to support an electrical application. Knockouts are strategically punched into electrical boxes, allowing conduit to be fed through or switches to be installed with a secure fit. Simply punch out the holding tabs to access the hole that corresponds closely with the size of your conduit and feed it through. Electrical knockouts provide a clean, finished look and a snug fit.

Creating a Form Down EKO

This short video shows the inside of an EKO tool while creating a knockout.

Get to Know EKO

This technical article walks you through the basics of EKOs, from how they’re made, to which size to order. Make an informed decision between form up and form down, per your application, and learn the information required to order the accurate tooling you need.

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electrical knockout boxes
triple and tangential eko samples

Double, Triple and Quadruple Electrical Knockouts

There’s a multitude of EKO styles, all with their own design intricacies. This technical article dives into the different types electrical knockouts and explains some of the common hurdles faced when forming odd ball EKOs.

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Sharpening EKOs for Consistent Forms

Electrical knockout tools, like any tooling, require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. In this technical article, you’ll learn how height relationship is critical to forming consistent EKOs, as well as a number of troubleshooting techniques to keep you up and running.

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double eko diagram
EKO Ordering Forms

Ordering the Right EKO

Beyond just machine make and model, there are a few things to know about your application to ensure you’re ordering the exact tooling you need. This short article will leave you equipped to make an informed decision on exactly which tooling you should order. As always, our engineers are here to provide assistance at any phase of your project.

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