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Lance and Forms

A Lance and Form is a tool that both cuts (lances) and forms sheet metal. They are a great tool for a variety of applications, including air flow, decoration, card guides, location markers, shear tabs, wire harnesses and clip attachments.

With Wilson Tool’s adjusting spring plunger, you can make length adjustments without shims. Most Lance and Forms are made from our universal holder design, eliminating the need for spring changes, assembly and disassembly. Depending on your design, replaceable punch tips, ejectors and inserts can save money and provide you with flexibility.

How Does a Lance and Form Tool Work?

This animation shows the inside workings of a lance and form tool as it cuts and forms a clip.

Endless Possibilities with Lance and Forms

Due to the wide variety of sizes and forms possible with lance and form tools, the best way to ensure accuracy is to send in a file of the form you are trying to make and/or your part. Wilson Tool accepts many file types including, but not limited to, Solidworks files, PDF, DXF and IGS.

These templates will help you order the right tools. Click on the form to view and download.

Save Time When Connecting Parts

Many lance and forms are a viable solution for reducing time consuming secondary applications when you use them to create fasteners directly in your part. Explore connective form solutions that don’t require welding, screws or additional hardware.

Explore Connective Forms

Design Basics of Lance & Forms

The many varieties of lance & forms have their own design intricacies. This technical article explores some of the common forms features and considerations to keep in mind when designing and ordering a Lance and Form tool.

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