Boost Parting Productivity

Parting tools take a tremendous beating and as a result need to be changed out repeatedly, causing production delays and downtime.

HP DuraBlade® from Wilson Tool International is not only long lasting due to its hardy design and robust Ultima® steel blade insert, but its push-button design allows for easy setups and the fastest changeovers around. What’s more, HP DuraBlade uses a replaceable blade insert that can be removed without disassembly.

A Parting Tool that Lasts Twice as Long

High-use parting tools can take a beating and require frequent sharpening. See how Wilson Tool’s HP DuraBlade® lasts longer while minimizing downtime.

Three Major Tool Styles to Set Your Shop Apart

Wilson Tool offers the HP DuraBlade® superior parting solution in several tool styles so you never have to settle for less than the best.

Slitting and Parting Made Easy

Are you seeing burs in your slitting operations? Learn what machine conditions to investigate, and which punching methods provide optimal results.

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Perfect Partners for Thick Turret Punching

Dura-Die is the ideal complement to HP DuraBlade® for thick turret parting.

Made with replaceable inserts manufactured from Wilson Tool’s exclusive Ultima® tool steel, Dura-Die can withstand even the highest punching force. It is available with positive taper or Slug Hugger® 2 relief options for slug pulling prevention, and in standard and close-to-clamp options.

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