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Punch More Holes with Less Hits

When you’ve got a perforation application, all those hits cost you time and can cause distortion.

A custom cluster tool from Wilson Tool International has anywhere from 2 to 120+ tips per punch, so it makes more holes with every stroke of the machine. That means you'll spend less time punching and managing sheet stretch. These tools have endless customization options for the ultimate perforation solution.

Cluster Tools: Multiple Benefits with Each Punch

A cluster tool does more than punch several holes with one hit. It also combats the sheet distortion and oil canning that can result from perforation applications. See how.

Cluster Tools are Available in All Major Tool Styles

Whatever machine type you run, we can custom manufacture cluster tooling with any size, shape or pattern of holes. We also offer removable inserts for faster tool changes.

More Options for Your Custom Solution

Every application is unique, so we’ve got customizable solutions for common issues that occur while perforating. Add any of the following to your special cluster tool for even better performance.

Replaceable Tip Inserts
The option of replaceable punch tip inserts in your cluster tooling allows you to add and remove tips for maintenance and replacement, and also to stagger punching to minimize sheet distortion. Ask our sales desk about this option.

Oil Canning Solutions
We offer a back-bending feature on dies if your application is prone to oil canning. This feature helps to control oil canning with each hole that is punched.

Performance Enhancing Coatings 
Our patented coatings provide a sizeable boost in tool life and performance so you can get more punch from each tool. Choose from patented Optima® for an unbeatable 5 to 7 fold increase in longevity, to coatings for galling reduction and added lubricity. Learn More.

Slug Pulling Control
If your application gets held up by pulled slugs, our Slug Hugger® 2 die option will help you resolve the problem and avoid the costs and waste associated with this common challenge. Learn More.     

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Experiencing Sheet Distortion? Try these Tips.

Distortion is a common side effect of perforation applications. Luckily, there are ways to treat it. If oil-canning or warping is happening to you, try the following 6 techniques to flatten it out.

  1. Check for proper clearance for the actual material type & thickness.
  2. Vary the hit pattern.
  3. Do not maximize cluster pattern layout in the tool.
  4. Stagger the insert heights.
  5. Use a Back Bending Die.
  6. Apply JK Shear on inserts.
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How to Tackle Perforating Challenges

This article in The Fabricator discusses how to mitigate the obstacles and extra costs that can sometimes be associated with perforation applications. Certain tools, punch coatings and application techniques can help you avoid these challenges and keep costs in check.

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Warped Sheet Metal with Perforated Holes


When perforating large areas of sheet metal there is an increased chance for buckles, wrinkles and waves. These imperfections are not structurally harmful, yet their aesthetic leaves something to be desired. In this article, explore solutions to reduce the distortion that often occurs when punching many holes close to each other.

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