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QuickTap® – The Name Says It All

QuickTap® tapping tools get the job done quickly and effectively by tapping threaded holes directly in the punch press. QuickTap tools can tap up to 200 holes per minute while preventing time-consuming secondary operations. Tapping tools are manufactured and serviced with the speed and reliability of Wilson Tool International.

QuickTap® tapping tools are available for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac machines.

Tap into greater productivity

Want a fast tapping tool you can rely on? QuickTap® delivers blazing speed and dependability. Boost productivity up to 200 taps per minute, and get Wilson Tool’s fast delivery, service and repair expertise. Watch this video to see the Thick Turret QuickTap® in action.

Tapping Tool vs. Manual: Hypothetical Cost Comparison

Take a look at this example cost comparison chart to see how much money you can save by hole tapping in your punch press vs. manually. There’s no denying the facts – it’ll pay for itself.

QuickTap versus Manual tapping cost comparison chart showing how you could save over 800 dollars with QuickTap

Get the maximum tap life

Tapping Oil is a key feature, meant to help get the maximum tap life out of your QuickTap® taps.

The Thick Turret Solution for Speed

Your QuickTap® for Thick Turret style machines comes with all of the components you need to set up, run and maintain your tapping tool for top performance of up to 200 taps per minute.

Wilson Tool QuickTap® kit for Thick Turret

Euromac QuickTap® and pitch insert on white background

The Euromac Solution for Speed

Your QuickTap® for Euromac style machine comes with all the components you need to set up, run and maintain your tapping tool for top performance of up to 200 holes per minute.

Explore QuickTap® for Euromac

The Strippit PX Solution for Speed

Your QuickTap® for Strippit PX style machines comes with all the components you need to set up, run and maintain your tapping tool for top performance of up to 120 holes per minute.
Strippit PX QuickTap® on white background


The Technically Speaking video series presents frequently requested topics in a straight-forward video format. In this episode, host Jason Esch provides a helpful walk-thru of adjustment and prepping the QuickTap® tool for Thick Turret. The video shows how to change taps and pitch inserts, shim the tool and prime the pump.

QuickTap Tapping Tool and Oil Tank in Punch Press

One Shop’s Journey to Fast Tapping

Racine Metal Fab has two priorities when it comes producing parts: get it out fast, have it done right. Speed and accuracy are top-of-mind for their team, so the QuickTap® tool made a big impact on their production.

Read the Story

Service Based on Your Needs

Tapping is a very important part of many manufacturing operations. When the product isn’t working, the operation can slow down. Because of this, having a fast, reliable service provider is key. Wilson Tool offers best-in-class services for QuickTap® tapping tools. Not all service needs are the same — service is based on your particular needs. Contact us today and our tooling technicians can help you customize your repair.

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Wilson Tool QuickTap® flyer

Tapping Tool Details at Your Fingertips

Wilson Tool International’s QuickTap® is the fastest, most reliable tapping tool available on the market, allowing fabricators to eliminate time-consuming secondary operations. These thread tapping solutions provide top-quality service, speed and delivery for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac machines. See this flyer to explore all the features and benefits of QuickTap® tapping tools.

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Interested in a TRUMPF-style tapping tool?

In addition to QuickTap® for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac style machines, we also offer a highly efficient tapping tool for TRUMPF-style machines.

See Trumpf-Style Tapping


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