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Stop Throwing Away 80% of Your Tooling

Why throw away most of your tool when only part needs replacing? With replaceable insert tooling, you not only save money on costs over the life of your tools, but you reduce waste, speed setups, save storage space and generally become more efficient.

See How Replaceable Insert Technology Lowers Your Cost of Ownership

Try All Replaceable Insert Styles

Replaceable insert tools come in many popular styles and for a broad range of uses.

See How Replaceable Inserts Save on Cost

Why use replaceable inserts? Look at these charts to see how two of our most popular replaceable insert solutions save on price and tool life while increasing machine uptime.

EXP® Punch Technology Cost comparison chart showing how EXP punch technology can save you money over conventional punch tooling

2-4-1 Tooling System Cost comparison chart showing how Trumpf 2-4-1 tooling can save you money over conventional punch tooling

The 2-4-1 System Gives More for Less

There is no greater value for Trumpf operations than the 2-4-1 tooling system. With punches and dies made with Ultima® tool steel, 2-4-1 tooling delivers twice the grind life, maximum value and quality assurance. It’s like getting two tools for the price of one.

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preview of August 2017 Tooling Times eNewsletter

The Fabrication Industry has a Tool Waste Problem

This Tooling Times article suggests that fabricators are needlessly discarding perfectly good tooling when they could be reusing it and only replacing the necessary part. The article explains how replaceable insert technology is a more efficient tool for reducing labor expenses and optimizing tool life. Read the August 2017 issue to explore these saving methods more.

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Consider a Lower Cost of Ownership

When fabricators evaluate tooling costs in terms of the overall cost of ownership instead of the price of the individual tool, it’s possible to gain more value out of tooling investments. This article from Fab Shop Metalworking Direct looks at how running a trial of replaceable insert technology can help you determine if this type of tooling will lower your overall costs and provide greater long-term savings.

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preview of article highlighting a lower cost of ownership by using replaceable inserts
image of Wilson Tool customer using hi EXP tooling in a punch press

Customer Reports Savings with EXP®

“It used to be you’d get 500,000 hits from a tool without having to sharpen it and now it’s one million or two million hits before you need to re-sharpen. Grind life has increased signicantly; the life is almost double with some tooling.”

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Explore More Ways to Save with Replaceable Inserts

These resources offer additional reasons to consider switching to replaceable inserts for your tooling needs.

EXP® Replaceable Punch Tips for thick turret, thin turret and salvagnini speed changeovers, save space and ultimately lower production costs.

View the brochure and video for more information.

HP DuraBlade® and Dura-Die parting tools are some of the hardest working tools in your shop, so it makes sense that the most used parts are replaceable.

Read more in these flyers: DuraBlade and Dura-Die, and see more here.

Cluster Tools are used for perforation applications where many holes are punched. Tips are removable and replaceable for versatility and improved quality in your application.

Watch this cluster tool video.

The 2-4-1 Tooling System for Trumpf machines uses replaceable punch tips to offer you some of the best value and twice the grind life of regular tooling.

Read more here.

Countersinking in the punch press saves time by making a secondary operation unnecessary. Countersink tools for thick turret machines have replaceable inserts to ensure maximum cost savings.

Watch this video to learn more about countersink tools.


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