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Tapping threads using a secondary application adds unnecessary time, handling and labor cost.

Tapping tools allow you to tap holes right in the punch press with unparalleled speed and accuracy. With tooling options for numerous machine styles and various thread sizes available, these tools are a clear way to increase productivity and lower cost of goods.

Tapping tools are available for Thick Turret, TRUMPF, Strippit PX and Euromac style machines.


Tapping tools create threads in pre-tapped holes much faster than secondary operations. Watch the video to see in-machine tapping tools at work below.

QuickTap® Speeds Punching Operations

QuickTap® tapping tools save you the time and accuracy that’s lost with a secondary threading application. QuickTap tools are the fastest and most reliable tapping tools on the market. Available for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac machines, the tools not only tap up to 200 holes per minute, but they are made and serviced by Wilson Tool. QuickTap comes with all the components needed to get you tapping holes in no time, and Wilson Tool provides all the replacement parts necessary to keep your tool tapping for years to come.

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Tapping Tool TRUMPF-Style Tool Kit

Tapping Tool TRUMPF-Style Streamlines Threading

The tapping tool TRUMPF-style eliminates costly and inaccurate secondary operations by allowing you to add threads to holes right in the TRUMPF-style punch press. Able to tap holes at any programmed location on the sheet, this tapping tool creates stronger threads because it forms rather than cuts them, and also eliminates the problem of shavings often caused by machined tapping.

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Tapping Tool Vs. Manual: Hypothetical Cost Comparison

Take a look at this example cost comparison chart to see how much money you can save by hole tapping in your punch press vs. manually. There’s no denying the facts – a QuickTap® or TRUMPF-style tapping tool will pay for itself.

Price Comparison Chart for different methods of tapping holes


The Technically Speaking video series presents frequently requested topics in a straight-forward video format. In this episode, host Jason Esch provides a helpful walk-thru of adjustment and prepping the QuickTap® tool for Thick Turret. The video shows how to change taps and pitch inserts, shim the tool and prime the pump.

QuickTap Tapping Tool and Oil Tank in Punch Press

Greater Speed and Accuracy for One Shop

Speed isn’t the only priority – accuracy matters, too. That’s why Racine Metal-Fab switched from manual tapping to automated tapping with the QuickTap® tool for Thick Turret. The solution saved them time and prevented waste due to inaccuracies.

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Downloadable Tapping Details

Tapping tools provide top-quality service, speed and delivery. Get a printable QuickTap® flyer for Thick Turret, Strippit PX and Euromac machine products or the TRUMPF-style flyer. Both flyers explore the features and benefits of tapping tools.

Tapping 101

Want to learn more about how in-machine tapping tools work? Check out this article to learn more.

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Tapping 101 Article Preview
QuickTap® Tapping Tool, Coining Tool, De-Burring Tool


Are you looking for more ways to improve COGs and reduce secondary operations? Wilson Tool has developed a wide range of tooling designed to maximize the potential of the punch press and eliminate the waste associated with secondary operations.

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