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Now you can tool your TRUMPF punch press with smarter, more productive tooling that gives you more. More grind life with GL dies designed specifically for TRUMPF machines. More uptime with 2-4-1 punches made with premium steel. More durability with lightweight aluminum cartridges… and more still.

As a manufacturer, you know that great strides in production only come when you push hard against good and break through to better. So you shouldn’t settle for a tooling provider that relies on the status quo. When you choose tooling for your TRUMPF machine, make sure it’s from the brand that doesn’t just make tooling, but makes it better.

Do More with Your Trumpf

When you re-tool your machine, choose a tooling provider that has led the industry to do more in their TRUMPF punch press.

This short video shows how to assemble our TRUMPF-style 2-4-1 tooling and achieve twice the grind life.

Wilson Tool supplies a complete selection of punches, dies and cartridges for your TRUMPF-style punch press.

2-4-1 Tooling System Flyer

Replaceable Inserts Last 2X Longer

The 2-4-1 system includes quick-change punches with a replaceable tip insert. Made with proprietary Ultima® tool steel for twice the life between grindings, these tools provide optimal life and durability for the lowest cost. See this chart for data on 2-4-1 savings, and explore more on the benefits of replaceable tooling.

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Trumpf-Style Cartridge Flyer

Lightweight, Durable Cartridge

The aluminum cartridge is a Wilson Tool exclusive alternative to heavier steel and less durable plastic options. Constructed with 6061 T6 aluminum, a hard anodized finish, and Nitrex®-enhanced arms and latches, it is the ideal cartridge for fast, safe and cost-effective production.

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GL Dies and Dies Plates Flyer

Up to 150% More Grind Life

The GL Die and Die Plate is a patented solution offering more than double the grind life over competing TRUMPF-style dies. Utilizing premium tool steel for maximum performance, the GL Die works with the Plate and Key to cut your overall costs and downtime.

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Trumpf-Style 5 Station Multi-Tool

TRUMPF-Style Multi-Tools

Your punch press has a limited number of stations, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new machine or stop production to change out tooling. Multi-tools increase the tool capacity of your punch press by adding 4, 5, 6 or 10 additional tools in a single station. That means you can expand the tool capacity of your machine and reduce downtime due to additional tooling changes. Available for Group I, Group H, and Trumatic 240R/260R machines.

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Products That Perform Better

Explore below for more solutions manufactured by Wilson Tool International to help you get more out of your TRUMPF punch press.

Punching Ordering Templates

Ordering Templates

Ordering lance and form tooling can be difficult due to the wide variety of sizes and forms possible, so we've created punching templates to assist you in ordering the right tool the first time. The best way to ensure accuracy is to send in a file of the form you are trying to make and/or your part.

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preview of Trumpf Style catalog

TRUMPF-Style Tooling Catalog

Explore all the standard and special punches and dies, parting tools, die shims, multi-tools and accessories available for your TRUMPF machine. With a selection of Wilson Tool exclusive products like 2-4-1 tooling, GL dies and aluminum cartridges, you get more when you order TRUMPF-Style tooling.

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