Close up of hands holding a die that was sharpened with the XSharp Grinder

It’s Simpler than Ever to Keep Your Edge

Punching tools wear out, so sharpening is always part of the job. The XSharp™ grinder’s fully automatic grinding process has a simple touchscreen control that takes almost no operator time. Automatic height detection, a closed coolant system and grinding wheel wear compensation add durability and accuracy.

Set XSharp™ and Walk Away

Watch how this operator programs the XSharp™ grinder’s easy-to-use touchscreen interface and simply walks away while the grinder goes to work safely and automatically.

Watch and Learn

These two Technically Speaking how-to videos explore how to use your XSharp™ Grinder. One shows you how to set up, program and sharpen your first tool. The other details the proper use of fixtures used when sharpening various styles and sizes of tooling. Watch them below!


Tool Sharpening is Automatic, Simple and Precise

View the XSharp™ Grinder product details for full features and benefits of this exceptionally efficient grinder. Learn why XSharp is the simplest and fastest way to get an accurately reground tool. ​Get burr-free parts, maximum tool life, reduced tooling costs, and less scrapped parts with consistently sharpened tools – It’s as simple as load, select style, size, regrind amount and start.

View XSharp™ Details

product image and close up of the XSharp touchscreen


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