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Special Treatment for Special Shapes

Special or custom shapes can experience uneven tool wear, tool weakness and even breakage if not machined correctly. The Impax Tooling Solutions® division of Wilson Tool International employs a number of special machining techniques designed to treat common failure points of special tooling shapes.

See How Linear Grinding Improves 2D Shape Life

The linear grinding manufacturing process creates stronger tooling that resists uneven wear, breakage and material adhesion for consistent, high-quality results and durability.


Straight Facts on Linear Grinding

It’s industry standard to use the sinker EDM method on unique punch shapes containing internal features. This method burns away conductive material leaving a smoother punch body. Impax Tooling Solutions® takes smoothness one step further by linear grinding internal features, which creates a grain structure in the punch in the direction of impact. This significantly increases stripping properties while decreasing galling and friction over other methods.

close up of straight line linear ground punch
Special 2D Shape punch and die collage

Special 2D Shapes from Wilson Tool

Beyond linear grinding, Wilson Tool provides 5-axis machining to customized wiring, turning and milling to help you receive the best performance from your special tooling. All special 2D shapes are made-to-order so that each customer request can be evaluated and treated based on the particular challenges of the application. Explore the full special shapes product line today and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email and we’ll design something even more customized for your needs.

Explore 2D Shapes

Get More Efficient with 2D Shapes

This article in The Fabricator discusses how stamping using 2D shapes can lead to major challenges and additional costs. Read on to learn how stampers can reduce these obstacles with custom tooling design.

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How to Improve 2D Shape Life

To get the most from 2D shapes punches, there are a few steps you can take. One, replace your tooling often. The unusual punch contours can result in breakage and weakness. Two, use secondary procedures such as machining, milling and grinding to deal with material adhesion that often results from this type of punch. Want to learn more tips and tricks for special shapes? Read this Stamping Solutions e-newsletter article. And sign-up to receive the free quarterly e-newsletter today.

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Customized solutions

Wilson Tool not only provides tooling to the metal stamping and fabrication industries, but also works with other industry customers. View this flyer to explore a variety of custom and special tooling. From traditional to non-traditional designs, we have solutions for any need. Explore how we can help meet the challenges of your special tooling needs now.

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