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Defense Tools that Outlast and Outperform

High-production runs for the defense industry put a heavy demand on tooling. Bunter tool stamps can become imprecise and erode over time, and draw punches can wear down and break.

But not all ammunition tooling is created equal. Wilson Tool International’s patented bunter manufacturing process can increase bunter longevity by as much as 500 to 800 percent, and our tool design expertise creates draw punches that can last over 3,000,000 hits.

See the Patented Bunter Process

A patented bunter manufacturing process creates a tighter bond at the molecular level, creating a significantly more precise, more resilient head stamp. See how below:

Still Going after 3,000,000 Hits

These draw punches have been known to last for millions of hits, in some cases. You might wonder how they get to be so strong. The key isn’t the steel, or the design, though those are important. It’s the collaboration between manufacturers and our tooling technicians that makes the outcome stand so far above the rest.

Image of draw punches and brass casings

Largest Selection of Steels and Coatings Available

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Wilson Tool International’s defense tooling draws from the largest arsenal of tool steels available, including standard, premium and proprietary steels designed to combat the challenges defense manufacturers meet most. Optional coatings further enhance tool performance in especially tough situations. Our tooling technicians will consult with you to determine the best combination of tool steel and coating for your application.

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One-Stop Shop for Ammo Tooling from the Global Leader

Manufacturers select from a variety of bunters, punches, dies, ejectors, knockouts and machine components to stock their defense tooling storehouse.

What’s Challenging about Ammunition Manufacturing?

Aside from the stringent quality requirements of the military and law enforcement, manufacturing premium casings is exacting due to the malleability of the brass material, the difficulties of imprinting letters with a bunter or head stamp, and the possibility of tool wear and failure inherent in the stamping process. How do you deal with these challenges? Read on to learn.

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Defense Tooling Resources

For more information on what makes this defense tooling unique, see these learning resources.

As a brass case manufacturer, there are certain modifications you can make to your process and tooling to keep your machine producing at an optimal level. Click to watch this webinar.

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Our punches for defense and ammunition tooling have been known to last up to eight times longer than the competition. Check out this flyer to learn more.

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