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Inventory Management Powered by Cribware®

Make sure you always have what you need, when you need it, and never too much.

In today’s complex manufacturing world, having the correct tooling to keep your facility running is critical. With CRIBWARE software, you are able to have real time visibility of your tooling and easily maintain your inventory.

Lower Costs & Save Time

CRIBWARE is a proven software and storage solution that makes you more efficient by
lowering costs and saving you time. The centralized database system provides:

An Item Catalog

Your personalized tooling list with multiple descriptive, pricing, supplier/manufacturer fields.

Performance Analytics

Over 400 reports and analysis tools to tap into key historic and predictive information.

Usage/Cost Tracking

Trace item usage to employees, departments, machines, jobs and operations.

Inventory Control

Monitor min/max reorder requirements versus your on-hand inventory levels.

Automated Replenishment

Manage the purchasing process from notification to receipt history.

Integrated Drawings/Documents

Attach many different document types. Keep up with the latest revisions as changes occur.

Location Availability & Status

Maintain multiple bin locations in cabinets or on shelves, in toolroom, cribs and other storage areas.

Know What You Have

Material description and classification is the foundation for your successful tool management installation. Multiple inventory fields tell you how many pieces you have, when to order more, how many are on order and who your vendor is.

With CRIBWARE, you know what items you have and what you need with real-time information stored in a centralized database. Tooling and components can be traced to their point of use. CRIBWARE supplied by Wilson Tool puts you in control of your tooling, inventory and processes.

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Know When to Replenish

Replenishment is crucial to your efficient operation. The cost of “running out” is usually many more times than the cost of the material. The real cost of a stock out includes down time, firefighting and expediting.

CRIBWARE inventory control tracks issues, returns and receipts, and notifies you when an item falls below its designated on-hand stock level. The item is added to a reorder list so that purchasing managers know when to order, eliminating untracked or sporadic buying habits. You can view reports on open orders, vendor commitments, order timing and past due items.

Know Where It Is

Take the guesswork and busywork out of tracking your inventory. Whether it’s perishable or durable material, you want to know where it is. Because item location and real-time quantities can be viewed at any time, tooling and components can be traced to their point of use.

Bar Code Simplicity
Bar coding increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your Wilson Tool CRIBWARE system. Screens are designed with bar code scanners in mind, facilitating work-flow ultimately making your job easier.

Powerful Reporting
Harnessing the power of Crystal Reports to present information that is powerful, interactive and easy to navigate, CRIBWARE delivers information on all your tooling processes, including usage, purchases and on hand inventory levels.

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Add the Functionality You Want, When You Need It

As your inventory management process develops, functionality can be added to your software.

Purchasing and Receiving

Automate and ensure the replenishment of material.

Kitting and Assembly Control

Group items for easier and faster issues and returns.

Rework/Repair/ Scrap Control

Manage the condition of your tooling, record expenses and keep track of your regrind/re-sharpening activity.

Job Management

Track job costs, document operations and assure availability of tooling.

Maintenance Management

Manage assets, schedule work orders, and track service activities.

Inventory Adjustment

Compensate for human and process errors by cycle counting.

Documents, Pictures & Drawings

View material documents to assist in the management and use of tooling material.

Secure Storage

Wide range of storage options for point-of-use convenience.

A Partnership that Works for You

The collaborative dynamic of your Wilson Tool Sales Engineer and CRIBWARE software provides a solution that is unique to your business needs.

Wilson Tool Sales Engineer

  • Listens to your needs
  • Provide Recommendations
  • Gather Tool & Inventory Information
  • Get you up and running efficiently

CRIBWARE Support Team

  • Data Population and Implementation Assistance
  • Training
  • Virtual Support
  • Ongoing Software Upgrades

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