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How Can You Make Round Forms Better? Just Ask Us.

It can  be hard to make a round form without the material tearing or  sticking. Luckily, Wilson Tool’s Impax Tooling Solutions® division has perfected the science of using tool steel, coatings and enhanced surface finishes to achieve longer lasting, consistent forms. Our consultative sales approach invites customers to work with us to make their very best product. Just ask. We’re here to help.

See How Round Forms are Made More Consistent and High-Performing

This video shows how our innovative manufacturing process achieves the best round form results by using the right tool steel, coating and surface finish.

Just As Innovative As You Need Us To Be

Round forms are available in standard shapes like countersinks and extrusions to more unique, custom forms. We’ll cater the complexity of the tool to the requirements of the application. Take a look at our stamping catalog to see specifications and details on these high-performing tools.

See Stamping Catalog
round forms tooling diagrams from the Impax Tooling Solutions stamping catalog

Coatings Help Prevent Tearing and Sticking

Round form applications are especially prone to material tearing and sticking. Along with surface finish and tool steel, choosing the right coating can make a big impact on performance. See the following resources to help inform your coating choice.

Which Coating is Best for My Application?

This flyer details the features of all eight of our punch coatings with charts revealing how they compare against each other.

Preview of Impax Coatings Flyer

Confused About Coatings?

This article discusses how you can make the best choice for your application when it comes to coating options.

Image collage of tooling showing different coating options
close up of round form tooling

Surface Finish:
You Can Feel the Difference

Surface finish is part of the trifecta of solutions we apply to achieve optimal round forms. Tool steel and coating make up the rest.

Your fingertips don’t lie. You can feel the consistent smoothness in the surface finish of an Impax round form punch. We use a special polishing process that ensures the most stick-free finish on our tools. It not only feels smooth, but results in less material tears and greater consistency in your finished part.

See Surface Finish Flyer

Clarifying Tool Steels

Selecting the right tool steel can make a huge impact on your round form application.
But how do you know which to use? This webinar provides guidance. Click for more.

preview of image from Wilson Tool webinar on tool steels


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