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Distinct Product Lines for Distinct Needs

No two metal stamping houses are alike. So why should a tooling provider offer just one stamping tooling solution?
We know options are important. With Wilson Tool International you have access to two distinct lines of stamping tooling. Both offer a complete range of options but have different end goals in mind. Our Exacta Tooling Solutions™ line is ideal for quality and affordable tooling. Impax Tooling Solutions® provides industry leading precision, performance and lead times. Both options will help manufacturers maximize their greentime. Welcome to the world of stamping options.

See Your Stamping Options

Watch how tooling options can help you meet your production needs and budget demands.

Is Impax or Exacta the Right Tooling Solution for You?

The two tooling lines, Impax Tooling Solutions® and Exacta Tooling Solutions™ give stampers the ability to select tooling based on the unique priorities, challenges and requirements of their operation. Some use tooling from each tooling line, depending on the application.

Common questions stampers should ask when deciding which tooling line to select from include: Do I need to maximize uptime? Is this an average or extreme application? How do I lower my costs?

View or print this flyer to determine which product line is right for your application. Click here to open.

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Select the Product to Match Your Goals

The Exacta Tooling Solutions and Impax Tooling Solutions lines of tooling from Wilson Tool International offer two unique routes to greater stamping productivity. Take a look at the selection of products available in each line. Both provide the quality, service and reliability you expect from Wilson Tool.

Impax Products at Your Fingertips

Select a premium line of tooling for your higher demand stamping applications. Open and download the Impax Tooling Solutions® catalog for diagrams, specs, product details and all the information you need to order the Impax line of stamping solutions.

See Impax Catalog

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Exacta Products for Your Viewing

Select an industry standard line of tooling for your standard stamping applications. Open and download the Exacta Tooling Solutions™ catalog for diagrams, specs, product details and all the information you need to order the Exacta line of stamping products.

See Exacta Catalog

Help with Punching AHSS

This article from the Stamping Journal informs on how important tool maintenance is to long tool life, especially when punching high-strenght steels.

“A tool takes a beating when it is forming advanced high-strength steels (AHSS), and a punch typically is the first item to wear. Shifting the design focus to extending tool life is the optimal way to increase productivity. The right tool steel, machining and hardening, tool design, process re-engineering, and coatings can go a long way in extending tool life.”

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Stamping Tools for AHSS Material


The Exacta Tooling Solutions™ line is manufactured in our Greater Toronto area facility. The ISO 9000 certified facility employs highly skilled team members and offers the latest technology. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment is used extensively in all areas of manufacturing to provide high quality tooling. The grinding department uses the latest in precision grinding. Contact Wilson Tool Canada by phone at 800-268-5573 or email at

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