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Looking to sell your company, your product line or your idea?

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business – investing in ideas and encouraging employees to grow. After all, your business is more than a product or service. It’s the people who make it unique. That’s why the decision to sell is often a difficult one.

At Wilson Venture Group™, we are a family-owned, hands-on business seeking to acquire promising small- to mid-sized businesses. We know what it’s like to build a business and understand your concerns. As a business owner, you realize the decision to sell impacts not just your life, but also the lives of your employees. You want to be certain their hard work and loyalty is not lost in the shuffle.

We’re not financial people coming to make a transaction. We’re here to make long-term investments. As part of Wilson Tool Enterprises, we bring experience, maturity and integrity to every relationship. As longtime manufacturers and entrepreneurs, we understand how to operate and grow businesses.

Whether you’re a family-owned business in need of an exit strategy, or an entrepreneur who is ready to move on to your next big idea, we’d like to hear from you.


The Wilson Legacy.

Wilson Tool Enterprises has more than 55 years of operational and acquisition experience with businesses.

In 1966, Ken and Ruth Wilson founded Wilson Tool International®, or Wilson Tool Company as it was originally known, in the basement of a building in the warehouse district of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

True to the entrepreneurial spirit that gave the company its start, the Wilson family and management team have been dedicated to embracing new technology and fostering innovation throughout the company.

Organic growth, along with company acquisitions in the metal fabrication field, has allowed Wilson Tool to grow from a simple tool and die shop into the world’s largest independent manufacturer of tooling systems for punch presses, press brakes, and punch and die components for the stamping industry.

Today, it’s the future generations of the Wilson family who continue to nurture growth around the world. The company has made strategic investments in emerging technologies, and small- to mid-sized manufacturing and service businesses in an effort to diversify the company holdings.

With the formation of Wilson Venture Group, we have dedicated resources focused on acquiring companies that are looking to continue their legacy.

We build on your foundation.

You’ve done a multitude of things well in building your company to where it is today. More than anyone, we understand that. We’ve been in your shoes. Our philosophy in acquiring a business is to continue to build on your successes and utilize the people who have contributed to that success.

As part of the Wilson family of businesses, we strive for integrity, good business ethics and strong values. We are interested in working with companies that display a similar entrepreneurial spirit, built on a solid ethical foundation.

Some criteria that we look for when evaluating a business opportunity are:

  • Demonstrated business model with revenues
  • Manufacturing, technology, or service based
  • Products with high growth potential (early in their product life cycle)
  • Small- to mid-size businesses
  • Products or companies

We want to continue the legacy that you’ve worked so hard to create by building on your businesses existing strengths, engaging your employees and enhancing your brand for long-term success.

Whether you’re a family-owned business in need of an exit strategy, or an entrepreneur who is ready to move on to your next big idea, we’d like to discuss your business, product or vision with you.


It’s one thing to sell your company. It’s another to sell your company to someone who has the ability, background and desire to grow it successfully over the long term. That is our goal at Wilson Venture Group.

Brian Robinson

CEO of Wilson Tool Enterprises

Brian Robinson has more than 30 years of experience working in the manufacturing sector, with a tool and die background. Since joining Wilson Tool in 1991, he has held a variety of manufacturing, engineering and leadership positions within the company prior to assuming his current role as CEO in 2007. Over the past fourteen years, Brian has helped lead the company’s growth with numerous acquisitions both domestically and internationally.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, Barb, and their two children, Megan and Tyler. He spends time in northern Minnesota at the family cabin enjoying boating, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and just relaxing.

Brian Robinson Headshot

Paul Johnson

President of Corporate Development

Paul Johnson has more than 35 years of achievements starting, growing and managing business for Wilson Tool International. Paul was hired by Wilson Tool in 1987 and has held various operational and leadership positions within the company. In 2001, he became vice president of operations for Wilson Tool, Inc. and was promoted to president of corporate development in 2013. Paul has a diverse manufacturing and business background that has helped several of Wilson Tool’s businesses reach record-breaking levels in growth and profits.

Outside of Wilson Tool, Paul enjoys family activities, traveling, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and other sports. He also owns a small hobby farm and enjoys spending time with family and friends at his cabin.

Paul Johnson Headshot


If it’s a good business, a good product and a good fit, geography is not a barrier. Over the past 32 years, we’ve acquired companies on four different continents.

2020 – Metro Machine & Engineering (Eden Prairie, MN)
2019 – Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc. (Fremont, OH)
2018 – Thomas Engineering, Inc. (Hoffman Estates, IL)
2017–  AspectLED – LED Manufacture (White Bear Lake, MN)
2014 – Advance Engineering and Manufacturing – Compression Tooling (St. Louis, MO)
2014 – Doering – Hydraulic Solution Company (Clear Lake, MN)
2012 – TP Tooling Srl (Parma, Italy)
2011 – Milling Puncionadeiras (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2010 – EXACTA Fabtool Ltd. (Toronto, Canada)
2010 – EXACTA Precision Products Ltd. (Toronto, Canada)
2004 – LuDao (Shanghai, China)
2001 – Sorenco A/S (Denmark)
1989 – Punch Press Tooling, Ltd. (Swindon, England)

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