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Double, Triple and Quadruple Electrical Knockouts

Solutions for multiform EKOs when faced with limitations due to machine tonnage and tool design.

March 16, 2020

What kind of EKOs are there?

EKOs can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes:

  • Single EKO (Form Up or Form Down)
  • Double EKO (Alternate Direction)
  • Triple EKO (Alternate Direction)
  • Quadruple EKO (Alternate Direction)
  • Tangential EKO (Alternate Direction)
  • Shaped EKO

Creating a multi form EKO

When an application calls for a multi form EKO there are tooling options. Depending on your machine, tooling style and material type & thickness, it is possible to create double, triple, and even tangential EKOs in one hit. Another option is to have a set of tools designed to run sequentially to create the desired form.

When you don’t have enough tonnage

Due to the size of an EKO, along with the material type & thickness, the tonnage needed to create it can exceed the capability of your machine. To overcome machine tonnage limitations, our Tooling Technicians will work with you to design a set of tools that are designed to run together and have built-in relief to create the EKO.


With a multiform EKO, it is important to note that each EKO will be formed in an opposite direction. Example: a double EKO can have the smaller inside EKO form up and the larger outside EKO form down (this is considered a form down double knockout) or have the smaller inside EKO form down and the larger outside EKO form Up (this is considered a form up double knockout). Also, be sure to take the bend directions of your part into account when determining the direction of your EKOs.

Required Information to Order an EKO Tool

To ensure your EKO tool is designed to create the highest quality form consistently and reliably, we need the following information:

  • Machine make and model
  • Material type and thickness
  • Form Up or Form Down
  • Actual size of knockout (if conduit size – must specify)
  • Spacing to closest adjacent form
  • Standard holding tabs or custom?

Download Round EKO Template.
Download Shaped EKO Template. 

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