Additively manufactured gauges provide you the ability to measure your parts how you need to. Whether it is thickness, part conformity or quantity these 3D printed solutions are additively engineered to create a personalized solution in days not weeks.

Additively Manufactured Solutions

Solv3D® is Wilson Tool’s additively manufactured solutions for fabricators and manufactures. 3D printed support parts can replace end-use parts that have traditionally been manufactured out of steel or plastic. Each solution is designed by an engineer who determines the best design, style of printing and material to ensure the quality of the tool meets customers’ expectations.
Solv3D solutions are ideal for prototypes, jigs or fixtures, or mold created parts. Our 3D process provides the ability to make complex parts with the flexibility to facilitate modifications quickly. The world is your oyster — we’ll use 3D processes to facilitate your imagination.

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additive radius gauges
additve radius gauge application
additive radius gauges
additve radius gauge application
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