Custom Offset (American Planed)

Also known as Z bends or Joggles, the Offset punch and die set is able to make two bends in one machine stroke. This is the solution for applications requiring materials to be joined together or when you need to make a second bend that will not interfere with the first bend. Wilson Tool has many stock sizes in the standard catalog, but custom sizes and angles can also be made.


Wilson Tool International American Planer Machined (or “conventional”) tooling is a lower cost option for customers whose applications do not require the tolerance and finish found in precision tooling. Planed tooling is commonly sold in longer, solid lengths of 10–14 ft. and built to a tolerance of +/– .002” verses precision ground, which is built to +/– .0004”. Specified lengths and other tooling styles (European, WT-style, LVD-style, Bystronic, etc.) are available by request.

American Planed tooling is made of a 28–32 HRC steel with optional induction hardening or Wilson Tool’s patented Nitrex® surface treatment process to provide longer tool life. Induction hardening is specifically recommended when bending thicker materials.

As needed, planed tooling can be surface ground to improve the punch tip or the v-opening of a die. Planer ground tooling will save you time in setups due to consistent centerlines. The improved surface finishes will reduce sheet marking.

Our American Planed tooling is manufactured out of our Ontario, Canada plant. Learn more about our Wilson Tool International Canada locations. To order American Planed tooling, feel free to contact either our USA or Canadian sales offices.

Special tooling options from Wilson Tool International are virtually endless. Explore these pages for the most common special tooling profiles, or contact us for a more customized option. Your solution will be manufactured and delivered in record time.

1bc offset
1bc offset
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