Nested-Part Bending

Nested-Part bending applications allow you to bend multiple parts at once. Blanks need to be created prior to being formed in the Press Brake. Additive manufacturing results in lightweight tooling that can be easily moved in and out of the press brake.
Bend3D® allows designers to finetune the profile of the tool to achieve the specifications of each application. Small, low-quantity production runs are ideal for this application. However, if large quantities are needed, a Bend3D solution helps the customer produce parts while a steel tool is created.

Additively Manufactured Tooling

Bend3D®, is Wilson Tool’s made-to-order press brake tooling manufactured through 3D Printing. Tools are created using a computer-generated file and printed on one of our various machines. Our engineers determine the best tool design, style of printing and material in order to ensure the quality of the tool meets customers’ expectations.

Bend3D tools are best suited for prototype applications and low run jobs (<1,000 hits) in materials similar to 14-gauge cold rolled or less. These tools provide quick lead-times, versus several weeks for a standard steel tool. Depending on the application, Bend3D tooling may require the use of a reusable holder from Wilson Tool.

additive multi bend wilson tool
additive multi bend wilson tool
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