Replaceable Tip Tooling

Replaceable tip tooling is manufactured so that the tip(s) of the punch can be removed from the punch body. Since the tip is often one of the first parts of the tool to develop wear in tablet compression operations, replaceable tip tooling allows you to just remove and replace the tool tip(s) without replacing the entire tool. This option creates a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

With replaceable tip tooling, you can also reap the benefits of advanced tool steels at a lower cost. Just request the longer lasting steel for the punch tip with standard steel for the remainder of the tool to see increased durability where the punch needs it most.

Replaceable tip tooling provides versatility as well as cost savings, as it’s possible to change out the tip shape without replacing the entire punch. With this solution you can make any number of different tablet shapes with one punch body and varying tips.

Replaceable Tip Tooling is compatible with Replaceable Punch Bodies.

Replaceable tip tooling can be custom designed with the following options:

replaceable tips
replaceable tip tooling
replaceable tips
replaceable tip tooling
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