The company goals are to deliver exceptional customer service along with the most reliable and innovative products and solutions to help our customers be more successful. With these goals in mind, Wilson Tool International has manufacturing facilities and sales channels around the world to serve our thousands of global customers.

We are known for our customized tooling solutions and products designed to help customers resolve their most challenging fabrication issues worldwide. Wilson Tool products can be found in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

We have always placed a premium on innovation and growth. For us, the status quo holds no status. In 2018 we expanded Wilson Tool International with two significant investments: the purchase of the tablet press tooling division of Thomas Engineering Inc. and the launch of a new division, Wilson Tool Additive®.
The addition of the tablet press tooling division of Thomas Engineering Inc. expanded Wilson Tool’s manufacturing expertise, service capability, and knowledge of the tablet compression industry.

The launch of Wilson Tool Additive® is a prime example of innovation. We see this division as an investment in customers' future success, as it’s poised to increase productivity in a way never before imagined — through the Power of 3D.

An Overview of Wilson Tool International

Wilson Tool provides the most comprehensive line of tooling systems and accessories for the AdditiveTableting, Stamping, Bending and Punching industries. As the world’s largest and only tooling provider to manufacture tooling solutions for these five industries, Wilson Tool is uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive and unique tooling solutions to help customers resolve their most challenging fabrication issues. In 2018, Wilson Tool launched into the 3rd dimension.


Our additive division makes made-to-order bending tools and fabrication support parts in hours — not days. All while maintaining the quality you expect from Wilson Tool International. Additive is the process of building a 3-Dimensional (3D) part from a raw material, using a computer generated file. The process builds physical models, prototypes, patterns, tooling components and production parts. Determined through rigorous testing of stress resistance, longevity and quality, these two processes offer customers a full spectrum of product possibilities.


Our tableting division offers high-quality tablet compression tooling to help reduce machine downtimes and produce higher quality products. We provide a variety of high quality compression tools which meet the needs of tableting operations from pharmaceutical to nutraceutical, from industrial compression to confectionary and many in between. In 2018, we acquired the Tablet Press Tooling division of Thomas Engineering Inc., which gave Wilson Tool International additional expertise in service, knowledge and manufacturing for the tablet compression industry.


Our bending division leads the industry with the most comprehensive press brake tooling available anywhere. With a wide variety of precision and planed tooling, we offer solutions to meet your specs and your budget. We manufacture American Precision, European Precision, WT-style, American Planed (conventional) and LVD-style tooling to work with all press brakes. And when you need a solution that hasn’t previously been designed, we can help you create a special tool to meet your needs.


Our stamping division, Impax Tooling Solutions®, offers high quality punch and die components for the stamping industry. Innovative solutions such as our HP Accu-Lock® Retainer Inserts and extensive coating options combined with our world-class customer service have enabled us to grow into a world-class provider. We manufacture punch and die components for headed and ball lock set-ups in standard shapes, round forms, special 2D shapes, retainers and accessories. Wilson Tool provides the widest selection of special stamping industry shapes around. 


Our punching division drives the industry with new levels of service, quality and innovation. We offer a wide variety of tooling styles including; thick turret, fab/thin turret, TRUMPF®-style, Wiedemann-style and Salvagnini-style. In addition to our standard designs, Wilson Tool is well known for solving the most challenging fabrication issues through special designs. Our tooling technicians and design engineers will work with you to design and manufacture punch press tooling to meet the needs of your most demanding applications.

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