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Control Deflection Once and For All

Bending a part over 1.2 metres long on a press brake can lead to a bowed appearance in the part or “the canoe effect” due to machine deflection.

The Express Crowning™ system is the precise and consistent option for controlling deflection on your press brake with a simple hand crank or electrically crowning the lower beam and securing dies with set screws or hydraulic power.

Enjoy Savings with a Crowning Solution

See how the Express Crowning™ System saves both time and money by making longer bends consistent bend after bend. Precise deflection compensation allows you complete control over the angle bent. Watch below.

Ins and Outs of the Express Crowning™ System

Want to see details on the Express Crowning System? Click through to explore the specifications, dimensions and capabilities of this time-saving solution.

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image showing adjustment options of a hand crank with digital display or electric motor controlled by the CNC machine control

Clamp and Crown for Faster Setups

Adding clamping and crowning systems to your press brake can dramatically decrease downtime by making setups a snap. Take a look at the full spectrum of clamping options Wilson Tool International offers to speed tool changes on any machine, in any shop.

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Downloadable Crowning Information

The Express Crowning™ system offers a reliable, precise alternative to the shimming commonly used in many shops. Its anti-deflection function is flexible to fit the precise nuances of your press brake and can be set once and left in place for bend after bend of perfectly parallel, unbowed parts. The system’s die holder function also allows for faster setups on the machine. For an overview of the Express Crowning™ system, take a look at the flyer.

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