Mark Free Bending

Wilson Tool International offers numerous solutions to help press brake operators reduce or eliminate sheet marking during bending operations.


Urethane drapes provide a protective layer across the top of your standard dies to virtually eliminate sheet marking. Our high density urethane offering is 0.6mm thick, lasting significantly longer than standard urethane dies. 


A long-life coated 0.2mm fabric to protect your products from die impressions during the bending process. Forms a protective layer between sheet and die without causing any angular deviation. 


A knitted elastic texture material, which helps to reduce bending stress and die wear. 


A low cost and effective way of securing urethane sheets to press brake dies using high quality permanent magnets. 

1p urethaneroll uk
kizu fabric uk
protective drape uk
1p urethaneroll uk
kizu fabric uk
protective drape uk
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