Clamping solutions including Express Rail Express Clamps and Express Crowning

Clamping Solutions Speed Setups and Add Life to Your Brake

Challenge: Set up time adds cost to every part that goes out the door. Traditional tool holders use inefficient set screws and bolts to secure tooling.

Solution: Advanced clamping solutions for upper and lower beams can be added to virtually any press brake to speed up tool changeovers and reduce downtime. They bring the added bonus of refurbishing the condition of your beams so your current brake gets an upgrade.



Our range of clamping technology solutions offers you the choice of push-button clamping or quick lever activation, and provides deflection mitigation and tool style conversion when needed.





Make Your Brake’s Work Surface Like New

From converting tool styles to increasing efficiency with faster tooling changeovers,
look to Wilson Tool clamping solutions to offer your current press brake the chance to
get an upgrade.

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Data and specs for exploring the full clamping line is at your disposal on this nice clamping reference guide. Charts, diagrams and more make finding the perfect clamping solution for your machine a snap. Download this guide and print it out for easy reference anytime you need to make your press brake work harder for you.

Preview image of Clamping Reference Guide

View Clamping Product Details

Wilson Tool offers the world’s most comprehensive line of press brake tooling and our selection of clamping systems is no exception. From basic manual clamps to high-tech push-button solutions, we have your brake’s bending surface covered, for increased capability and faster setups.

Image of press brake with a Hydraulic Clamping system Express Rail

Lean Streamlined

Read How Clamping Technology Increases Production
“Clamping systems help press brake operators bring increased efficiencies to part runs and reduce wasted mundane movement. But to be competitive with shorter lead times and higher quality products, job shops and production/OEM environments must gain efficiencies with faster setups and more streamlined production.”

This article originally appeared in FAB Shop Magazine Direct.

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How Much Could You Save?

Making a new purchase, or switching from one solution to another, often needs to be justified with hard data. Make that easier on yourself with these cost/benefit calculators. Use these to evaluate the cost/benefit of upgrading your press brake with a Wilson Tool clamping solution.

Clamping Punches and Dies

See the potential savings you can expect by using Wilson Tool’s Express Rail®, Express Clamp or Power Express®.

Set Up cost analysis for clamping punches and dies in the press brake

Express Crowning® System

See the potential savings you can expect by using the Express Crowning® System for controlling deflection on your press brake.

Set Up cost analysis for Express Crowning® systems for press brake

Streamline the Ordering Process

Use these checklists to help ensure accuracy when requesting quotes or placing orders for clamping and crowning systems. Improve efficiencies and upgrade your press brake today.

How to Clamp Down on Costs

Originally published in the The Fabricator, this article helps fabricators find the right clamping system for their press brake.

“Press brakes are expensive. Clamping systems can help extend a machine’s life, reduce labor costs, and improve accuracy. Several types are available to meet your requirements.

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Fabricating and Metalworking published this article to help customers understand the variety of options available to them; from a fully modular hydraulic clamping system to retrofitting safety tangs onto straight-tanged punch tools. This article looks at opportunities for streamlining production with hydraulic clamping solutions in order to deliver greater efficiencies in the shop and to help fabricators compete with the world.

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