V-Series Black Dies

Wilson Tool’s V-Series Black dies use rotating, replaceable inserts so material glides on the die surface rather than scraping along the shoulder radius. The rotating inserts decrease friction and enable better performance when producing small flanges, small bend radii and bends closer to holes. They also provide superior protection against part marking.
Because of their flexibility, V-Series Black dies enable you to bend a wide range of materials using the same die, which can ultimately reduce set-up times and limit costs on additional tooling.
With Wilson Tool’s V-Series Black dies you will see:

  • High quality tool steel
  • Tight tolerances
  • Precise bend accuracy
  • Industry leading lead times

V-Series Black dies are ideal for use in the following scenarios:

  • Hard-to-Bend Applications – due to their rotating inserts, V-Series Black dies make it much easier to produce small flanges, small bend radii, and bends closer to holes without defects.
  • Cosmetic Applications – the dies’ rotating inserts glide along part material, so friction and concentrated load is greatly reduced, which reduces material marking. The dies are ideal for working with diamond plate, stainless and aluminum. Add Zip-Mar strips to the top of the inserts and marking on cosmetic materials such as painted or polished materials is practically eliminated.

In addition to the Trumpf® Style V-Series Black dies, Wilson Tool offers these additional V-Series Black dies:

Learn about maintenance and troubleshooting with your V-Series Black dies.

1bw vseries
1bw vseries
V-Series Black Press Brake Dies Flyer

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